Review: TO FEEL ALIVE EP by Kali Uchi

Ivan Nikolov/

60th Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Madison Square Garden Featuring: Kali Uchis Where: New York, New York, United States When: 28 Jan 2018 Credit: Ivan Nikolov/

Taylor Anderson, Team Leader

   R&B singer Kali Uchis released her first studio EP called TO FEEL ALIVE EP on April 24, 2020, almost two years after her last full-length album came out. Uchis mostly stuck to her classic contemporary sound throughout the songs, much to the excitement of her loyal fans.

   The four-track release is comprised of both new songs and unreleased tracks without any features or collaborations. The first song, “honey baby (SPOILED),” is a demo from a few years back while “i want war (BUT I NEED PEACE)” was played by Uchis on previous tours. “TO FEEL ALIVE” and “angel” are both new tracks for the singer.

   This EP followed the typical sound of Uchis’s previous music and stuck to what she has been known for up until this point. If anything, I think these songs are just a little more lowkey than the rest of her discography. My favorite song from this release was “angel.” 

   TO FEEL ALIVE EP is mainly about girl power and empowering women through love and romantic relationships, like many of Uchis’s songs in the past. The pastel pink aesthetic of the album ties into this overall theme of femininity. 

   Overall, I think previous fans of Uchis will really enjoy this new music and find it to be something that will remain on their playlists for a while. TO FEEL ALIVE EP can be found on all streaming platforms.