Elections During COVID-19


A sticker displayed on a voter’s sweater after voting. Due to COVID-19, election procedures have slightly changed.

Brenna Sealy

Lake Central is an election site and due to COVID-19 there are some new precautions that must be taken to ensure that everyone remains safe during elections. Superintendent Dr. Larry Veracco provided some information regarding these requirements.

   “The only alterations we have considered recommending  is to limit the number of voters inside at a time and to require masks,” Dr. Veracco said. 

   Polls will be in an area of the building apart from students. Door H will be locked on Election Day to ensure the safety of students and voters. 

   “Our voting at the high school takes place in the part of the building that is used by our central office staff. All voters park in the silver lot and enter door E. Central office staff enter door F.”

   The proper safety measures have been put in place to secure the safety of all voters. Any updated information can be found on the Lake Central website closer to election dates. 

   “The final say to any rules would be up to the Lake County board of elections,” Dr. Veracco said.