Training Without Trainers


Athletic trainers are vital to running any sports program successfully. With the shutdown of Community Hospital’s athletic trainers program, it will be a different process to hire athletic trainers.

Riley Knestrict, Web Content EIC

It is a known fact that athletes get injuries.  We are lucky enough at our school to have great athletic trainers to help athletes fight through those injuries. For the past years, the trainers at the high school have been provided by Community Hospital’s athletic training program. With all of the influx of people in the hospital because of the pandemic, Community Hospital had to terminate their athletic training program. With that closing, our high school, as well as many other high schools from around the region, have lost their athletic trainers. 

    “The largest impact is timing; on July 1, 2020 we will no longer have certified trainers available unless we have concluded the process and made our decision. With the current intention to open athletics beginning July 6, we may not be able to do so if we do not have any athletic training services available to us,” Mr. Enyeart, Athletic Director, said. 

    The termination of this program is going to affect our high school, but especially the athletes.  In order for athletes to be able to begin training on July 6, trainers must be there in case of athletes getting injured. According to athletic director Mr. Enyeart, there must be two athletic trainers at the high school because of the amount of athletes.  Luckily, this will be able to continue, because the funds will not be affected. 

   “The athletic department funds should not be impacted, as past practice has been that Lake Central School Corporation has covered the expense for providing athletic trainers. We do expect to see an increase in cost due to the time frame we are working on as well as COVID-19 factors on the health service providers,” Enyeart said.

    Even without the termination of the athletic trainers being provided from the hospital, costs would have still gone up due to the current COVID-19 situation. Our current trainers, Chris Hall and Taylor Shoemake, will no longer be provided through the hospital, but our athletic director plans to rehire both of those people.

    “I have informed all providers that we would hope to retain both Chris Hall and Taylor Shoemake. Chris and Taylor would have to go through the hiring process with an outside provider, and both parties will need to find the terms of employment acceptable,” Enyeart said. 

    All in all, there are so many factors going into whether or not we will be able to rehire our current trainers. With all of the complications going on at the high school right now, one thing can be said, and that is that athletes can not function without their athletic trainers.