2020 Lab Changes


Teachers give their opinions about how labs will look different during this school year. Due to the pandemic, safety regulations will be enforced for lab-based learning.

Luke Hamilton, Business Manager

According to teachers from the science department, labs are helpful in gaining knowledge of the topics being covered in class. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, labs may have big changes this school year.

   “I am very torn on doing labs. I do not think this course [Anatomy and Physiology] was meant to be taken with lecture only. This class is very hands-on and labs are necessary to learn structures and functions,” Mrs. Stephanie Parks, Science, said. 

    Many teachers are unsure on how to conduct science labs this year. Even though labs can improve students’ understanding of topics, it can be difficult to socially distance amongst lab groups while receiving the same education as previous years. 

     “I’m very uncertain how to conduct labs this year. I don’t have enough models for every student to use, I have to spread out desks so students can’t work together and my e-learning students are missing a huge component of Anatomy and Physiology. This is a dual credit course that is lab-based and I’m uncomfortable with not giving students this year the same lab experience as my students usually get,” Parks said.

    On the other hand, some teachers have different ideas about how they can enforce safety regulations in their classroom during labs. Many teachers believe that students need up-to-date personal protective equipment throughout the duration of lab time.

    “I think that if labs are possible, we have to do them. Every time the students work in groups or share any type of equipment, they have to wear gloves even if that lab might not require gloves. My class is a lab-based class, so we have to closely monitor our equipment so we can last the whole school year,” Mr. Alex Thompson, Science, said. 

    Whether teachers know for certain how they will conduct labs this year or not, labs are a fundamental part of a science class. According to some teachers, this issue may have the ability to be resolved through safe and protective measures. 

    “I absolutely think that if students follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and use proper personal protective equipment, we will see that we can complete labs during the pandemic safely,” Thomspon said.