Freshmen Start the Season with a Win

Adriana Rodriguez, Echo Editor-in-Chief

   On Thursday, Aug. 27, the freshman football team faced off against Munster. It was their first game of the season. They ended up winning 28-12.


   “It felt great winning the first game because at least now we know we are capable of winning, and it was a good way to start off the season,” Anthony Rodriguez (9) said.


   Because it was the first game of the season, especially given the circumstances, the boys felt pressure to make a statement.  


   “I felt that my standards were much higher than before so I needed to come into the game and show everyone who I am and what I am capable of,” Amarion Brooks (9) said.


   There were many highlights during the game, but what stood out the most was when fullback Xavier Williams (9) ran a 96 yard touchdown. 


   “The best part of the game was when Xavier ran it down the whole field because it was just an amazing play and it stretched our lead,” Rodriguez said.


   Despite uncertainty and the unusual circumstances, the boys are hopeful for what’s to come. Their biggest motivation is working harder.


   “My hope for the season is that we continue being undefeated in my years playing for Lake Central and just work harder and harder, pushing myself to be at the highest standing point for myself,” Brooks said.


   Come out and support the boys at their next game on Thursday, Sept. 10 in Portage.