9/5/2020: JV football vs Portage

Emily Prince, Design Editor

 On Saturday morning Sept. 5, the boys JV football team defeated Portage 14-0. After a long week of preparation and scrimmaging the team took another win on their home field. 


“Come Friday/Saturday, it’s game time, and we’ve spent the entire week preparing for it mentally and physically.  If you would have told me two months ago we would be having daily practices and playing games, I would’ve counted you crazy. But here we are, playing on the field and doing what we do. The team gets to come out and work as a family to prevail,” Noah White (10) said.


   Throughout the game, the boys played their hardest and gave it their best. Every player contributed and had an important role to play during the game. The team relied on their quarterback for leadership within the plays and in the end had fun on the field. 


“I would improve more on not making the perfect throw but throwing a catchable ball always. I would also improve on my leadership and be more vocal,” Billy Henry (10) said.


   Each player has a different role: the quarterback calls the plays, the running back catches the ball and the o line protects their teammates. The JV team has a sense of security on and off the field and they continue building that trust as the season progresses.



“My favorite thing about playing LC football is the family feeling. We go out there and feel as we are wrapped around in a blanket of protection knowing that the guys next to us are going to do everything to keep us safe on and off the field,” Narmer Griffin (10) said.


Their next game is Saturday, Sept. 12 against Crown Point.