Q&A: Lauren Miller (10)


Lauren Miller (10) gives insight about how the audition process for this year’s fall show went. Miller is going to be student 6 in the fall show “Everything Seems Like Maybe.”

Lauren Kutcka, Print Staff

Q:How was this audition process different from your past ones?

A:”So for this one we had to record ourselves doing monologue at home, versus the other ones where we would have to go to the auditorium and have a big audition, where we would read scripts.”


Q:How do you think the pandemic is affecting live theatre?

A:”You can’t really have big gatherings, so that makes it harder and people will probably not want to wear masks, so you’re going to have to have a smaller audience and you have to wear a mask, so you’ll have to project more.”


Q:What do you feel like will be the most challenging part of this year’s show?

A:”Probably just figuring out the social distancing, because we’re doing a monologue show so it will be easier to social distance, but having the audience and figuring out how all of that stuff is going to work.”


Q:During the audition process how did you manage to keep yourself focused?

A:”I just did my audition, my monologue, just in my room, so I was by myself so I didn’t have any distractions, and I just tried my best to stay away from people so I didn’t have any distractions.”


Q:How will you be presenting the show? Will it be virtual or in person?

A:”I believe we are going to have one virtual show and then one in person show.”


Q:What was your favorite show and what grade were you in?

A:”My favorite show was probably Matilda and I was a freshman.”


Q:When did you start theatre?

A:”I did my first show (The Nutcracker) when I was in preschool, but the first time I did acting was in 6th grade.”