Now! Yoga for Students

Kai Blankenship, Print Staff

   The scent of lavender slowly wafts through the room as calming music plays quietly in the background. Sarah Johnson leads the yoga class from the front of the room, patiently walking the attendees through the next pose.

   Now Yoga Club, located in Lake Central Plaza, offers different types of yoga classes, from vinyasa to kids classes to yoga in a chair. Any type of yoga that you can include in your day may improve your mood.

   “Yoga is the best tool that I have found to relieve stress. Even when you don’t have a lot of time, 10 to 15 minutes of yoga can change the rest of your day. It can elevate your mood, you can get a nice stretch, or even a quick workout if you want to do a more intense class,” Johnson said.

   The studio offers discounted rates for students. Jack Lopez (12) works at Now Yoga Club. He describes how yoga can help him through stress as a high school student.

   “If you’re a student, [yoga] can give you a fresh start to your day, or start over. Instead of taking a nap after school, you can go to a class after school,” Lopez said.

   Like other local businesses, Now Yoga Club has been affected by COVID-19. The doors were closed in March and reopened June, following all government mandated health guidelines. Mats are spread out 6 feet apart and masks are required to be worn in common areas. Despite the closures, the studio is still welcoming new members, no matter how much previous yoga experience they may have.

   “Just try it and see how it makes you feel. Most people that try it, love it, and come back for more,” Johnson said.