Freshman girls fall short

Sasha Gerike, Print Staff

   The Freshman girls volleyball team faced Munster High School’s freshman volleyball team, the Stangs, on Monday, Sept. 15, at Munster. Unfortunately, the girls lost their game with a score of 1-2 sets.   

   Going into the game the girls felt confident and excited, as Munster is always a strong competitor.

   “I felt pumped about the game because I knew it would be a good match. Munster is always a solid team,” Reese Bevil (9) said.

   Throughout the game the girls worked hard as a team. They had a lot of last minute saves that Munster was not prepared for, which helped them make a comeback in the end.

   “I felt a little sad because we lost, but I was happy with how we played because we made a big comeback at the end,” Teagan Thomsen (9) states.

   COVID-19 has affected their season, just as it has affected the rest of our lives. Therefore, this season has been very different due to the precautions that have to be taken.

   “So far the season has been so different, but so much fun to be able to grow as a player,” Bella Born (9) says.

    The Freshman girls volleyball team will continue their strive for success as they take on Valparaiso High School in Valparaiso on Thursday, Sept. 17.

   “The Freshman Season has been amazing and each and every one of us have been improving every day,” Bevil said.