JV Girls Soccer defeated by Munster

Cori Lollis, Team Leader

On Sept. 4, the JV girls soccer team faced Munster. The girls lost with a score of 0-1. 


   “I definitely think it was a game we could have performed way better at. We really lacked communication that day and it was definitely a team I know we could have beaten,” Elizabeth Solis (11) said. 


   In the first half of the game, Munster scored a point. After not getting a goal in the first half, the girls were unable to score in the second half. 


   “I would say the highlight of the game was in the second half because that’s when all the girls really pushed and fought to get a goal in,” Carmela Gallardo (11) said. 


   Even though the girls suffered a loss, they took many things from their loss. They came together as a team and learned what they need to do to improve. The JV girls next game is at home on Sept. 12, against LaPorte. 


   “After this game, we’re definitely going to work on being more vocal on the field, as well as being more confident and using our players well,” Gallardo said.