A close match

Lilah Nelson, Print Staff

 On Tuesday, Sep. 15 the boys Varsity tennis team went up against the Crown Point Bulldogs. The coaches set up tough matches for the boys.  Team captain Louis Martinez (12) talked about leading the team to a close victory.

   “ My match partner David Springs  (11) helped me alot through this match today. We’ve been trying really hard this season,” Martinezsaid.

      Coach Ralph Holden, Psychology started the match off with a quick warm-up and inspirational speech. The Varsity boys helped the Junior Varsity team get prepared for their matches.

   “We really try to help the younger kids, since I’ve been playing since my freshman year, We try to help them with their form and just how to play the overall game better,” Martinez said. 

      The team used these matches to think about their form and what they can work on for sectionals. Sprigs, Jackson Pawburki (11) and Holden Paskio (10) all talked about what they wish to improve and what they have improved.

   “I’ve worked on my serves since my freshman year. I’ve definitely gotten better, even with the overall game. My forehands can always use work, but I want a couple more good games before this season is over,” Sprigs said.

      Preparing for sectionals the team feels the pressure coming up within these next couple of weeks. As matches dwindled each player served the ball with intensity and power as the coaches cheered for each player.

   “I’m ready for sectionals. It’s a little nerve racking since it is my freshman year but it’s fun. I’ve tried really hard, we’ve all tried really hard. Even though the season is almost over I still can’t wait to come to practice and picture what it’s going to be like,” Martinez said.

   The boys lost 2-3, each match just being out of reach from Crown Point. The boys Varsity team gave it their all knowing that it was going to be a challenge. 

   “Even though we lost we still played really well. I’m happy with my match and I’m happy with how the boys played. We all knew it wasn’t going to be easy,” Martinez said.