The Skate God

Caleb Chen, Print Staff

Q: What has skateboarding done for you and mean to you? 

A: “Skateboarding to me means a get-away from everything. If anything is stressing me out, I can literally just go skate. It also makes me feel better. Skateboarding has made me try harder in everything I do because skateboarding takes a lot of patience and practice. This skill I learn from skateboarding can relate to anything I do in life.” 


Q: What is your favorite trick to do and why. Did it take you a long time to learn? 

A: “My favorite trick is anything I can land clean and good. I do not have any trick in particular that I love more than the other. It is the same feeling I get from every trick. Stairs were the longest trick it took to master because of the fact I had to overcome my fear of falling.” 


Q: Which skatepark is your favorite one to skate at? Why?

A: “I would say the Highland skatepark would be my favorite. The skatepark is built very well, and the ground is smoother than most skateparks around here. This particular skatepark is newer compared to the ones in Crown Point or Dyer.” 


Q: Why is skateboarding so important to you? What would you do without it? 

A: “Skateboarding is very important to me because, like I said, it is a get-away from everything. It keeps me unbored and [it is] a great way to exercise. Skateboarding is just fun for me, and I honestly would not know what I would be doing without it.” 


Q: Do you ever dream about going pro in skateboarding? 

A: “Of course I do dream about going pro in skateboarding one day, every skater does. My future in my eyes is to get sponsored at least, I do not know far I would go. I never plan on giving up skateboarding no matter how good or bad I am.”