Q & A With AP Seminar student: Victoria Crenshaw (11)


Cori Lollis

Q: What is AP Seminar?

A: “AP Seminar is a class about the complexities of real world topics and issues and analyzing the different perspectives. We do this by analyzing articles, researching studies, listening to speeches, etc. We accurately evaluate the information and form our own opinions in presentations and projects in groups and individually.”

Q: What made you take AP Seminar?

A: “I took AP Seminar so I could get the AP Capstone on my diploma.”

Q: What is it like being in the first group of students to take this class at LC?

A: “I like being in the first group of students to take AP Seminar at LC. Since there’s no previous expectations on how the class will go, we are able to make it what we want and there’s a lot more freedom for the different projects and assignments.” 

Q: How do you feel about the coursework/workload?

A: “The course work is really enjoyable and Mrs. Clark does not like to give us homework so we do not do much for the class outside of being in school.”

Q: How is AP Seminar going to help you in the future?

A: “In AP Seminar we are learning about which news sources are reliable and how they are skewed right or left on the political scale. It will help me in the future to formulate my own opinions based on factual evidence.”

Q: Are you planning on taking AP Research next year? Why?

A: “Yes, I am planning on taking AP Research next year because seminar has been my favorite class this year and I would like to continue into the next step.”