Habits Formed by COVID-19


Corinne Gillete, Print Staff

   As our planet faces the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, the world has to adjust to follow the precautions that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided. For some students, that meant they could no longer attend in-school learning. For the rest of the world, that meant adapting to wearing a mask in public, staying home as much as possible and washing hands frequently.

   “I did in-school learning because I felt it was unsafe at school and my parents thought in-school learning wasn’t the best idea,” Maya Trivunovic (10) said.

   Many students and families had the same fear of sending their children to school.  

   “I think I’ve made a habit of being able to self-regulate while being alone. All my friends and I make sure we use hand sanitizer and wear masks wherever we go,” Trivunovic said.

   In fact, wearing masks and frequent cleaning has become a habit for all students who are attending in-school learning.     Teachers are expected to spray their desks with disinfectant during passing periods and lunch is held in the classroom. Teachers are required to space out the desks and arrange the students to face in the same direction.

   Although these safety measures can be somewhat irritating and irregular, students and educators are trying their best to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while having a semi-normal learning environment.

Maya Trivunovic (9) spends a normal day in

 her e-learning environment.