Varsity Soccer Defeats Portage 9-1

Molly Tkach, Team Leader

 The Varsity boys soccer team swept Portage in a game at home on Wednesday, Sep. 2. The victory comes after a loss to Munster on Monday, Aug. 31. 

   “The win last night will definitely help us gain some confidence back after that loss against Munster,” Mathew Schwer (12) said.

   The game was tied with Portage at halftime 1-1, but the team quickly made a comeback scoring an additional eight goals in the second half. 

   “We had a rough start this season, but we have a very talented team. If we continue playing as a team and working hard we should be able to turn our season around,” Schwer said.

   Working as a team has not been a difficult task. They are hopeful that their teamwork will help them in their success the rest of the season.

   “We get along very well, most of the players were a part of the team last year and the freshmen are fitting right into the team as well,” Geno Zambrano (12) said.

   COVID-19 has made this a season like no other, but has had very little impact on the team’s morale. Though the pre and post game activities have been done away with, the game is still the same as usual.

   “If this is all it takes to get to play my senior year, I don’t mind wearing a mask,” Schwer said.