I Watched The Devil All the Time So That You Don’t Have To

The Devil All the Time is a movie released on September 16, 2020. It was released on Netflix.

The Devil All the Time is a movie released on September 16, 2020. It was released on Netflix.

Alyssa Klimowski, Team Leader

   The Devil All the Time is a Netflix movie that came out September 16, 2020. From the start, many people were looking forward to this movie. With a cast including Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgård and Sebastian Stan, what could go wrong?

   The movie begins by meeting the Russells. It’s a family of three and a dog who are outcasts in their town. You see how Charlotte and Willard, the parents of the small family, meet. Then you are quickly whisked away to meet Helen and how Willard’s mother wants them to marry. 

   Throughout this movie you change narratives so much you can’t grow attached to any of the characters. And those aren’t the only characters you meet! You also meet: Arvin Russell, their son, Sheriff Lee Bodecker, Lenora and Roy Laferty, Sandy and Carl Henderson and Reverend Preston Teagardin.

   Throughout this story, they switch narratives and time. It shows how every character is interconnected and how their paths cross. I think the common theme found in this movie can be derived from the title. This movie is about how evil can be found everywhere in the world, no matter where you go.

   I feel that this movie will do well only because of the actors’ fame. Because so many of the actors involved are so well known, people will watch it hoping for the best. However, I don’t think this movie is worth all the hype it is getting. I’m still confused as to how the movie ended and felt no satisfaction with the ending.

   If you want to spend two hours and twenty minutes watching a story slowly, and I mean slowly, pull itself together, this movie is for you. However, if you’re like most of the other tiktoking, fast-paced, multitasking humans on this planet, who can’t spend more than twenty minutes on one task, hit “Remove from My List” and watch something else instead.