Defeating the Trojans: Freshman volleyball defeats Chesterton

Maddie Porter, Print staff

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, the girls Freshman volleyball team played against the Chesterton Trojans at Lake Central. The girls won both their sets against the Trojans, but they feel like they still have things to improve on.

“I think we connected really well and had great communication, but I feel we could have worked on having more energy,” Alex Jelcic (9) said. 

The team had a constant lead against Chesterton. The girls have a record of 11-2 so far and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

“I am really excited for the tournament because I love tournament days, especially with this team. It will be a lot of fun and competition to look forward to,” Allie Griffin (9) said.

Since COVID-19, the girls mentioned that the season has been tough because of all the precautions they have to take. Their routine has become very different. 

“We have to wear masks during our warmups and we have to stay socially distanced during the whole practice besides when we are scrimmaging,” Teagan Thomsen (9) said.

After defeating Chesterton, the girls were relieved to see their hard work was paying off. 

“We do have our days where the connection isn’t there, but overall our team never gives up and we are always there for each other at our highest and our lowest,” Griffin said.