Another win in the books: Girl’s varsity soccer defeats Andrean

Olivia Mapes, Print staff

The girls Varsity Soccer team defeated Andrean in an away game on Thursday, Sept. 24. The game ended with the score being 4-2.


“I think we’re doing great. We’re working together very well. We connect as a team,” Ava Gutyan (9) said.


The girls have been practicing every day from 3 to 5. Practices and playing can be tough with Covid-19, but the girls take it in stride.


“It’s been a learning curve with Covid but everything else has been ok. We’re making strides, we’re making changes, we’re figuring out where we fit and how to jive,” Head Coach Genna Noel said. 


They have made several changes to how practice is run including wearing masks when they are close together and changing people’s positions on the field. 


“Practice is different. You definitely have to keep your mask on when you’re close together, but when you’re running you don’t really have to keep it on, but most of the time it’s on,” Gutyan said.


Besides learning to deal with the pandemic there are four freshmen girls who are also learning how to be a Varsity high school player. 


“My hopes are to get to sectionals and to really get up there. We’re a great team and we work our butt off. We have a lot of great girls,” Gutyan said.


Coach Noel, who has been coaching for six years, agrees that this team is doing well. 


“I’ve played my whole life and I’m a teacher so it’s something I enjoy doing. I enjoy being with the girls and sharing my knowledge with them. I’m pleased with this season [so far],” Noel said.