Graphic Design: Q&A with Sebastian Ruiz (11)


A poster exits the printer while sitting on a desk. Many posters such as these are made using printers in graphic design.

Jackson Novak, Design Editor

Q: Why did you decide to take graphic design?

A: “I decided to take graphic design because I loved the class my intro year. The environment and people were so nice and it’s fun to do something for our school if it’s printing out the scout magazines to making the cross country banners. It’s all around an amazing class with an amazing teacher.”


Q: What is it like having the class most periods of the day?

A: “It’s a lot of hard work having the class my first two periods but what we do is enjoyable and having the feeling of helping out our school makes the experience even better.”


Q: What kind of work is done in the class?

A: “A lot of work is done in the class. We print and design on shirts, print magazines and design and cut anything that is requested either from the front office or for other schools.”


Q: What is the most interesting thing you’ve worked on?

A: “The most interesting thing I’ve worked on is this bike from the 80’s my group spray painted, designed and put a lot of hard work and effort into making an old, rusty bike brand new.”


Q: What project took the longest?

A: “The project that took the longest was the bike project because we had to sand it, get rid of all the rust, spray paint it, get new parts and put all the parts on. It took about 2-3 weeks to finish.”


Q: Do you work alone or in teams?

A: “It really depends on the project we’re on but everyone in the class is helping in anything we do; always offering help and guidance when working on a project.”


Q: What kind of supplies do you use?

A: “We use a lot of paper and vinyl material to make our projects and designs.”


Q: Is there any work to do outside of school?

A: “Yes, there can be work outside of school if you have Adobe InDesign and Photoshop on your computer or laptop if you need to finish a project or maybe want to make your own design and print it out.”


Q: How do you like the teacher for the class?

A: “Mr. Rainwater is an amazing teacher all around and a nice guy. He has a lot of experience in graphic design and makes the whole experience ten times better.”


Q: Are you going to do it next year?

A: “Yes, I would love to do it next year and it’s a dual credit class helping work towards a college career in graphic design.”