A tough transition: Q&A with Lily O’Connor (9)


Lily O’Connor (9) is a freshman this year, coming from Kahler Middle School. So far, she has had a rough time adjusting and transitioning.

Yadira Jimenez, Print Staff

Q: How have you adjusted to Lake Central so far?

A: “It has been hard trying to adjust to block scheduling and meeting new people but overall I have adjusted pretty well.”


Q: How is it different from your middle school? 

A: “In middle school I knew everyone and now there [are] so many kids that I don’t know.”


Q: Did it meet your expectations?

A: “No, it did not meet my expectations because of COVID-19. I feel like it is harder to meet new people with masks and social distancing.


Q: What are some things you like about the high school compared to middle school?

A: “I like that there is more time in class to get your work done rather than in middle school with just 45 minutes.”


Q: What do you find more difficult? (What do you still need to adjust to?)

A: “The teachers are a lot harder on us because we are older which makes sense but is still going to take time to get used to.”


Q: How has your overall experience been so far?

A: “Overall, my experience with high school is not that great and I honestly have had a hard time meeting new people because of the corona virus and it has made school much harder.”