And so the Streak Continues: Freshman Football Defeats the Slicers

Adriana Rodriguez, Echo Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, Sept. 24, the freshman football team faced off against the LaPorte Slicers for their fourth game of the season. They were able to remain undefeated with a score of 20-10.


“It feels extremely good knowing we haven’t lost a game yet, it really means a lot to me because our freshman team [from Clark Middle School] hasn’t lost since 7th grade and we are trying to keep our streak going,” Amarion Brooks (9) said.


As the team made multiple touchdowns, the stands full of parents, students and faculty cheered. According to Nick Robinson (9), they no doubt motivated the boys to play at their greatest potential.


“Hearing the crowd after a big play or touchdown feels great. Knowing that you have people supporting you and wanting to see you succeed is inspiring. It gives me another reason to try my absolute best,” Robinson said.


With practice comes perfect. But to these players, practice is not the only component to playing a successful game.


“The more you put in at practice the more you get out and the better you play. The main things keeping me motivated during the season are my coaches, my drive to always be better than I was before and of course keeping the undefeated season alive,” Robinson said.


Their next game will be away Thursday, Oct. 1 against the Michigan City Wolves. Be sure to come out and support the boys as they try to keep their winning streak.


“We are going to bring our best and make the necessary adjustments to be successful,” Robinson said.