Building up to Best Buddies

Alyssa Klimowski, Team Leader

  October 1st marks the beginning of Best Buddies club. This informative meeting explained how this year would be run because of COVID-19 and the restrictions put in place because of it.

   “For everything going on, we’re definitely taking extra precautions for social distancing. A lot of our students do have a lot of medical issues and stuff like that, so we really want to be keeping an eye out for people, with wearing their mask under their nose or just taking it off just to talk. We have to really keep an eye on touching, all that. Make sure no hugging, no holding hands or even sitting too close,” Ava Orueta (12) said.

   Best Buddies meetings will be held at a distance. Members will have to remember to social distance while hanging out with their buddies.

   “We’re not having associates this year, so it’s just peer buddy and buddy. That means we need 100% of their time and kind of full focus on this club, which kind of seems really scary, but we only meet twice a month,” Orueta said.

   For more information regarding Best Buddies, talk to Mr. Matthew Williams, Student Support Services, in E108.