Tough Decisions : Q&A with Cindy Sues


Kelly Hayes, Photo Editor

  1. How is the technology department dealing with students who have a broken mic, camera, or just bad internet connection?


If a student finds that something on their device is not working all the student would have to do is contact their building principal, or counselor, and exchange the broken unit for a new working device. There are currently plenty of devices for these types of situations. I have been told that “bad internet connection” has not been a major issue for us at Lake Central. If a student is experiencing a bad internet connection they should visit their schools home website and locate the link titled “Technology Help Page”.  By clicking on the Technology Help Page link that will take them to the resource section, or they can call the tech department with the listed phone number, to help them solve any issues they might be experiencing.


  1. What is being done to field trips to make them safer?


At this time there are not many field trips happening corporation wide. Where they are allowed to go on fieldtrips, academic value is highly considered as is the ability to mask-up and social distance themselves at all times.


  1. Why was the decision made for middle schools to go back to their regular schedule (even though many parents were angered by it)?


We are very sorry that parents were angry with another change, but after speaking with our administration at the central office, that change was done in the best interest of student learning as well as student abilities. This decision to revert back to a regular schedule from the block schedule was in response to the middle school teachers’ concerns for the students to stay engaged for that length of time in one class. The response from the survey that was given to the middle school teachers to make the change back to the regular schedule was more favored than it was opposed. Our administration listened to the teachers and honored their request for this change.