Earning the Crown: Q&A with Riley Knestrict and Ryan Huppenthal


On Oct. 2 Ryan Huppenthal (12) and Riley Knestrict (12) were crowned homecoming king and queen. They were both very surprised and excited to be crowned but were sad because they couldn’t go to the homecoming dance this year.

Abbey O’Neill, Print Team Leader


Q:How does it feel to have been nominated for Homecoming king and queen?


RK: “It’s a good feeling knowing that you have people supporting you. Just to win and to be nominated, even just to be nominated is an honor too.”


RH: “It feels good. I feel good that everyone nominated me [and] knowing that everyone wanted me to win.”


Q: How has your perception of homecoming evolved since freshman year?


RK: “Well, especially this year, I feel like it’s so different just because there is not even a dance. I’ve always wanted to be queen and it’s cool to actually fulfill that.”


RH: “I’ve learned that it’s a bigger deal than what it was freshman year. I now understand why everybody’s all obsessed with homecoming and everything.”


Q: What are you going to miss about homecoming this year?


RK: “[I will miss] getting ready for homecoming, going with your friends, having fun, and just the whole experience of it. It just stinks that we aren’t going to experience that our senior year.”


RH: “[I will miss the same thing, like getting ready for it and having fun at the dance, then after hanging out with all your friends and everything.”


Q: What impact did COVID have on Homecoming?


RK: “Obviously, COVID canceled the dance, which is one of my favorite parts of the school year. It was so disappointing that I couldn’t have fun at homecoming with my friends because there’s no dance. It’s such an honor to be named queen, but I’m also sad that there is no [dance] this year.”


Q: If there was going to be a dance would you have gone? Why or why not?


RK: “I would have gone to the dance. I go every year, so this would’ve been my fourth time going.”


Q: Was it upsetting not having a dance this year?


RK: “Yes, it was upsetting. I’ve been to homecoming every year, and it’s so much fun. I’m so sad there’s nothing this year.”