Take a Break


Pia Lopez (11) takes a study break out in the sun. She claimed that taking breaks outside helps her focus more.

Charlotte Harmon, Print Staff

With being a high school student comes a ton of responsibilities. One of the main responsibilities is maintaining good grades, but how do you maintain good grades without appropriate study techniques?


According to a study by Psychologist Robert Bjork, Ph.D., it is important to switch to different studies after a while. For example, instead of studying for an AP Biology test for two hours straight, take a break after the first hour and then switch to a different subject. This method has been seen to help the brain retain more information opposed to studying the same subject hours at a time.


Another technique, established by George A. Miller, called chunking, helps break down information into feasible segments. This method is mostly used when memorizing numbers or equations. This method helps “hack” your brain by temporarily improving your short-term memory. 


A third method, tested by Psychologist Keith Lyle, is to test yourself with the material.  He found that students who took practice tests after each lecture performed better on exams than those who did not take practice tests.


It is important to take breaks in between your studies. It is also important to make sure that you are taking care of your mental state and taking productive breaks. For example, instead of going on social media, you can clean your room or clean around the house.


“I usually do little things like reading or praying and it usually helps calm me down after a long day,” Pia Lopez (11) said. 

Going on a walk or going outside can also be a good thing to do on a break. Marjaana Sianoja, Ph.D., studied two groups and one of those groups would go on a walk during a fifteen minute break while the others performed relaxation exercises during that time. Both groups concentrated better in the afternoon compared to groups with no breaks. The relaxation exercises, such as meditation and yoga, especially helped with lessening stress for the rest of the day.