Alone: Enola Holmes Movie Review

Lilah Nelson, Print Staff

Enola Holmes, originally a Warner Bros. picture, was sold to Netflix because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The film was released on Netflix Sept. 23, 2020, making millions of dollars at the box office.


The story of Sherlock Holmes has been a cult favorite for generations; this detective always has the better of people and somehow is never wrong. Using his smarts and almost superpower-like abilities Holmes can always crack a case.


In this movie, however, our main protagonist is Enola, or Alone, the youngest sister of the Sherlock brothers. Enola Holmes has a stellar cast, including Helema Bonham Carter, Milly Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Burn Gorman, Louis Partridge and Susan Wokoma. This film takes the viewers on an incredible adventure.


Milly Bobby Brown carries the film with power and determination, showing young girls that they are capable of anything. Instead of following around the mighty Sherlock Holmes, the viewers see that the women of the Holmes family are just as clever and smart as he is, maybe even more so.


The movie has underlying tones of political issues that the world is still dealing with today. It brings the typical 19th century detective story into a new light, depicting a radical minority movement for political and personal rights, while still being a fun and lighthearted movie. 


No matter who you are you can relate to this movie in some kind of way. If you are ever in need of an empowering story watch Enola Holmes on Netflix.