Hoping for Homecoming: Opinion story


Lake Central students enjoy the music and dance the night away. Appreciating being with their friends and celebrating the 2018 Homecoming Dance. (Photo by: Sarah Huszar)

Meghan Beilfuss, Print Team Leader

   As with many other social gatherings, Homecoming was in the minds of most everyone when news spread about a global pandemic. Questions arose about whether or not highschool students would have the chance to go to the popular school dance.

  With lots of school events around the country getting canceled, it became an apparent worry to Lake Central if we would host a Homecoming dance this fall. Taking into consideration the safety of students and staff, Lake Central thought it would be best to cancel the gathering. This choice was extremely necessary, but not all students were happy with this outcome.

  While students might have not gotten the dance experience, they were still able to attend the Homecoming Football game. I do not attend these games unless absolutely necessary. And while I understand the upset about not having a Homecoming dance, I agree with the choice of canceling it. It was the best possible solution to ensure the safety of staff and students, along with our loved ones at home. But I am glad there was a compromise with being able to attend the game, because even if the student body didn’t get to enjoy a night of entertainment, we at least got to see each other and support our Football team.

  Many highschools around the world are still hosting these dances, and while it seems like fun, at the end of the day you are not only putting yourself at risk, but everyone you come into close contact with. It is much better to cancel certain events for a temporary amount of time than risk losing it all. I’m sure if the dance did take place this year, social distancing and wearing a mask would be encouraged. And with all those precautions in place, the dance wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it usually is.

  Many people drew the short straw with the cancellation of the dance. For example, this is the only dance that freshmen are allowed to attend. With the news of the entirety of the dance being canceled, I know many 9th graders were disappointed. While it may not make everyone happy, it is what’s best for the safety of all, and it increases the chance of the dances coming back next year.