Tug-a-war of Freshman Football


Lexi Rigg and Brooke Follrad

 On Oct. 8, the Freshman football team lost to Chesterton during their game at Clark Middle School. The game had back and forth tension to keep both teams on their toes.

   “Tonight’s game was a physical dog fight. It was a punch-counterpunch kind of game where each team went blow for blow, but the other team just landed one too late in the game for us to recover. The issues from tonight are nothing that can’t be tightened up in practice next week and we’ll be ready for our game next Thursday,” James Graham (9) said.

   In the beginning, both teams displayed a tough offense. Each team was each able to keep the opposing team from scoring. Right before halftime, the team was able to get ahead by three.

  “All setbacks this year have been minor and manageable. The only setbacks worth mentioning are injuries and our struggle to be focused in every moment,” Nick Robinson (9) said.

   Shane Adams (9) was taken off the field during the second half due to a leg cramp. His teammates said he had his mind too into the game. Towards the end, Chesterton was able to get a hold of the victory. The final score was 10-14. Although the team lost, they say they are going to focus on learning from their mistakes and training to come back stronger. 

   “Overall, I feel like we played a decent game, but not good enough. [This] was evident with the loss. The game was still good, though mainly because it highlighted our weaknesses and gave us things to improve. After every game a new grind begins to be better next week than you were this week. My team and I plan on using this loss as another reason to grind twice as hard to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” Robinson said.