A Golden Music Video


Harry Styles crouches in front of the camera with a mustache and pearls. Styles released a music video to his hit single “Golden” on Oct. 26. It reached over 9 million views and 1.8 million likes in 8 hours of its release.

Adriana Rodriguez, Echo Editor-in-Chief

On Oct. 26, Harry Styles released the music video for his hit song “Golden.” It was originally released back in 2019 and has been without a music video until now. In just 8 hours, it reached over 9 million streams and 1.8 million likes on YouTube. 

When the video started, I was speechless, to say the least. I have been a fan of Styles ever since his One Direction days beginning in 2010. I have seen him go through various phases in terms of his style and persona, but I can honestly say that Styles has expressed himself more freely since the band breakup, which has become completely evident after his more recent releases. I’m not going to lie, I definitely got emotional after seeing how far he has come.

In “Golden” specifically, Styles flaunts painted nails and jewelry, all of which are breaking men’s fashion boundaries. I personally think he looks amazing, and it makes me very happy to see him setting such a powerful example. 

The cinematography and color schemes throughout the music video in its entirety are beautiful. The frames alternate every second of the video, which is aesthetically pleasing. There are seconds when Styles is running in slow motion, which shows detail and emotion. I absolutely love the positivity the music video gives off; it serves as a mood booster despite the quiet few seconds at the beginning of the song. He just has that smile that is impossible not to feel.

My favorite scene is when Styles is in a baby blue suit, dancing in front of what appears to be a sunset. I think this scene really shows his goofier side, which is a break from the usual serious nature some musicians portray. 

If you haven’t already seen the video, I highly recommend that you do because Harry Styles never disappoints. It is easily one of the best music videos I have ever seen and perhaps it’ll brighten your day like it did mine.