Fast and Furious: Q & A with Asia Garcia


Asia Garcia shows off her new BRZ series HyperBlue along with her multiple add-ons and decals. With the extra equipment bought and used, Garcia’s car reflects the many years she spent watching and studying cars.

Allison Potpora, Print Staff

Q: What is your favorite type or types of cars?


A: “My favorite types of cars are JDM cars and American muscle.” 


Q: What kind of car do you have?


A: “I drive a 2016 HyperBlue series BRZ.” 


Q: What have you added to your car or replaced for style purposes?


A: “I have changed the steering wheel, added carbon fiber wrap to emblems, ordered an invidia N1 exhaust, and added a windshield banner from legends media.” 


Q: What would you like to add on to your car that you do not have already?


A: “I would like to add a spoiler, mud flaps, coil overs, wide body kit, and window louvers.” 


Q: What or who got you interested in cars?


A: “My brother and dad mostly but also watching youtubers like Dustin Williams and TJ Hunt. We would also go to this event down in Rockford called Tuner Evo.” 


Q: Does the rest of your family invest time into cars like you?


A: “Yes, my brother, my dad and I  like to work on our cars. We add new things to all our cars or do our maintenance on it whenever we have free time.” 


Q: Do you see yourself having a career that deals with automobiles?


A: “I don’t think so but I enjoy having the hobby and working on my car.”