COVID-19 Updates: 10/21-10/28

Riley Knestrict, Web content editor-in-cheif

To keep the Lake Central community updated on all current COVID-19 stats, this story will be published weekly with the new numbers for the week. The latest update was Oct. 28.


This new week brought an increase in COVID-19 cases and the number of those quarantined for almost all schools in the corporation (excluding Homan and Peifer Elementary Schools). The number of cases since Aug. 20 has come to a total of 66 from the total of 54 last week.


COVID-19 Positivity Rates:

The overall positivity rate of the corporation as a whole has increased from 0.008%  to 0.01%. The following school’s positivity rates have increased as well: Bibich, Clark and Watson. The following school’s positivity rates have decreased: Protsman and Lake Central. The following school’s positivity rates have stayed the same: Homan, Kolling, Peifer, Grimmer and Kahler. 


In the elementary schools, there have been lower numbers of positivity. Bibich’s has increased from 0% to 0.004%. Homan’s rate has stayed at 0 cases as well as Kolling’s and Peifer’s. Watson’s rate is now 0.004%, which increased from its previous rate of 0. Protsman’s rate has decreased this week from 0.006% to 0.005%. 


Grimmer Middle School’s rate has stayed constant at 0.006%. Clark’s positivity rate has increased from 0.002% to 0.006%. Lastly, Kahler has kept its positivity rate at 0%. Lake Central High School has decreased its positivity rate from last week from 0.003% to 0.0009% this week. 


COVID-19 Quarantine Rates

Quarantine rates have continued to rise, bringing the total number of those quarantined in the school corporation to 585, which is a 10.6% increase from last week’s total of 523. 


The number of those quarantined at Bibich have increased by 45%. The numbers at Homan have stayed consistent. Protsman’s quarantine number has increased by 9%. Kolling has increased by 65% and Watson has increased by 57%. Peifer is the only elementary school that decreased by 56%.


At Clark Middle School, the number of those quarantined increased by 46%. Grimmer’s quarantine number decreased by 50%. Kahler has also decreased their quarantine number by 5.5%. Lake Central High School has increased the number quarantined by 24%.