A Realistic New Addition to Netflix


Grand Army is a new series streaming on Netflix. The show opens up about many struggles that teenagers from all backgrounds go through.

Luke Hamilton, Business Manager

  The Netflix show, Grand Army, was released to  the streaming platform on Oct. 16, 2020. The show deals with many issues and concepts that are prevalent in the lives of teenagers today. 

  The show takes place in Brooklyn, New York at a school called Grand Army. It follows the lives of a group of teenagers who are each enduring different struggles that many people in the world are forced to face. In this Netflix series, some of these struggles include issues of sexual assault, womens’ rights, racial injustice, cultural identity and more. I feel that this show has plenty of relatability for people our age. Grand Army truly reveals how it can feel sometimes to be a teenager growing up in the world that we live in today. I believe that the writers of Grand Army were able to create a cast of diverse people that the viewers have the ability to understand and feel their emotions in depth. 

  Additionally, I was very happy that the show depicted actors that actually looked their age. In many television shows and movies, older actors are seen playing teenage characters. It was refreshing to see a cast of characters that looked similar to the target audience of the show – teenagers. This also made the events of the show even more heartbreaking to me. While watching Grand Army, I could truly feel the pain and energy coming from the characters. As a high school student myself, I can say that a lot of the situations occurring in the show are realistic in today’s society.  I feel that through watching this show, no matter what your age is, you can really open your eyes to the attitudes, language and behaviors that affect the generation being featured in the show. Not only does this show truly show the downsides of being a teenager for some people, but it also represents some of the good moments that people face when maturing in society today all around the world.