Finding a New Purpose

Bailey Egan, print staff

   Junior Class Cabinet held their monthly meeting on Friday, Nov. 13 in room C310. With e-learners on a Google Meet, the presidents, Kimmy Hestermann (11) and Clarissa Moreno (11), informed the members about the adjustments they must make because of COVID-19.

   “The main focus on Junior Class Cabinet is to plan for prom. However, due to COVID-19 we aren’t sure if prom is going to happen this year. Instead, we are focusing on doing community service projects. We are specifically planning to write appreciation notes to our school staff and maybe do more work with Phil’s friends,” Moreno said. 

   Community service is a main focus of the club, and it is one of the reasons Grace Jurkovic (11) enjoys it. She looks forward to the opportunities the club gives her to help others.

   “I joined Junior Class cabinet because I needed to be a part of more clubs, so I became interested in what they do. Now I hope to help and try to lift the workload off of other people and help better the community and school,” Jurkovic said.

    Despite restrictions they face regarding their original purpose, the club found different ways to continue. Moreno hopes they can look past this issue and find a new purpose.

   “I hope to help as many people as possible this year with Junior Class Cabinet. Even though our original plans with prom don’t seem to be happening this year, this club provides an opportunity for the junior class to give back to the school and community,” Moreno said.

   Before they can give back to the community and fulfill their new purpose, Jurkovic says that safety should be their main concern. They are finding ways to do what they need to keep everyone safe while helping others.

   “COVID hasn’t allowed us to do the major project for this year which is prom, so we are just figuring out what we can do and how to do it safely,” Jurkovic said.