Dash and Lily: Promising Pair


“Dash and Lily” is a rom-com released by Netflix on November 10, 2020. It follows two teens as they exchange dares through a notebook in New York City.

Alyssa Klimowski

   “Dash and Lily” is a Netflix rom-com released on Nov. 10, 2020. It follows Dash and Lily as they exchange a notebook, giving each other dares throughout New York City.

   We begin by watching as a notebook is placed on a shelf at a bookstore. Then, we meet Dash. He is a cynical teen who lives in the city of New York. He hates Christmas, but he loves reading. He stumbles upon the notebook and starts corresponding with Lily.

   Lily is a cheerful teen who also lives in New York City. She loves Christmas, however is disappointed this year when her parents go to Fiji, and her grandpa goes to Florida while she stays with her brother, Langston, in New York. Langston and his boyfriend actually give her the idea to leave the notebook in a bookstore, starting the exchange with Dash.

   When I first stumbled upon this TV show, I assumed it was just another Christmas movie. Then I realized that it was a TV show. I thought to myself, “How is this long enough to be a TV show when this could easily be a movie?” My first reaction was that it wasn’t going to be good. I was pleasantly surprised when I started watching the show. 

   Not only did I fall in love with the characters, I’ve rewatched it now, 3 times. I’ve analyzed everything about this show. My favorite thing being, Lily and Dash actually meet within the first two minutes of the first episode. Of course, they’ll probably never realize it because it was only a bump in a crowd, but it happened. Their stories were intertwined from the start.

   Of course, there are always some unrealistic factors to Christmas TV shows and movies, but I thought it could be worse. My biggest issue with this show was how old the actors were. They were both supposed to be 17 in the TV show. However, Austin Abrams, who plays Dash, is 24 and Midori Francis, who plays Lily, is 26.