Change of plans


As COVID-19 cases start to rise, students have to change their plans. Being safe was the top priority over fall break.

Maddie Porter, print staff

   Fall break is looking pretty different for most people. With many restrictions still being in place, students had to adjust their plans to fit the guidelines. Some students are traveling to make up for their canceled plans last spring break.

   “My plans for fall break are going to California to visit family. We planned the trip in March and then rescheduled it for June, but COVID canceled both of those trips,” Brianna Miller (10) said.

   Taking a family vacation to warm places has seemed to be popular among students as well. 

   “This fall break my plans were to come to Florida and stay at Disney for a couple of days. My trip was affected because we now have to wear a mask all around the parks and anytime I’m not in the hotel room,” Hope Beatty (10) said. 

   Since Halloween was over fall break, many students attended parties. The amount of people at the parties were reduced to help maintain social distancing. 

   “For fall break, me and my sister wanted to throw a big party, but because of COVID, we had to uninvite a lot of people and keep it under 15 kids,” Alexandra Crenshaw (10) said.

   Other students were looking forward to the four day break and being able to hang out with friends, but COVID-19 took that away from them.

   “On Halloween, I was supposed to hangout with a small group of my girlfriends, but obviously [I] wasn’t able to because of having to quarantine. I also was just planning on hanging out with my friends in small groups and [going] to fun places,” Kailey Kosina (9) said.