Talking Business with Mr. Bannon: Q & A With Mr. Bannon


Mr. Bannon, Business, is an LC graduate who teaches business-related classes. He used to teach Introduction to Business but now only teaches Personal Financing, where students will learn how to correctly finance their money.

Kylie Biehler, print staff

Q:  What made you want to become a teacher? Why?

A: “I had worked in two different careers – journalism and business – prior to becoming a teacher. There came a time in my business career where I had some time to think

about what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life. I had always enjoyed being

around young people and helping them. Once I realized how important that was to me,

I returned to school and earned my teaching degree so that I could work with high

school-age young people.”


Q: What kind of jobs did you have beforehand?

A: “I was an investigative journalist for the Northwest Indiana Times for several years. I then

switched to a business career. I went back to school to earn my MBA (Master of Business

Administration), and I worked as a marketing and business development director for many years

in telecommunications and internet companies.”


Q: What type of classes have you taught; was it always finance based classes?

A: “The classes I have taught at Lake Central are Accounting, Business Law and Ethics,

Introduction to Business, College and Career Preparation, Digital Communications, Marketing,

Personal Financial Responsibility, U.S. History and U.S. Government.”


Q: Why is it important to learn about financing?

A: “Personal Finance gives you the skills to expertly manage and invest your money

properly so that you can save it and make it grow. Good Personal Finance skills will

lead to financial independence, which will make a person’s life easier and more

enjoyable to live.”


Q: How long have you been teaching in total and at Lake Central?

A: “I have been teaching for fifteen years. The past thirteen of those years have been here at Lake Central. Previously, I taught for two years at Waukegan High School in Waukegan, Illinois.”

Q: Did you attend LC when you were younger?
A: “I am a graduate of Lake Central High School. I was a three-sport athlete – football, basketball and baseball – but not the greatest student in the world at that time.”


Q: Do you enjoy teaching financing classes; why?

A: “I really enjoy teaching Personal Finance. It makes me feel good to think I can give my students skills they can use in the real world that will improve their lives and their loved ones around them.”


Q: What would you say to someone who wanted to take personal financing?

A: “That it may be the most important class you take anywhere or any time. In fact, you don’t have the option of not taking Personal Finance. You must take it and pass it to graduate from Lake Central. It’s a requirement.”

Q: Would you encourage people to take financing classes; why?

A: “Same answer as to No. 8 above.”