Time for the “Holidates”


Holidate was released to Netflix on Oct. 28, 2020. The original plan of having a “plus-one” to each holiday get together turned into several embarrassing incidents, creating a true love between the two main characters.

Lexi Rigg, Business Manager

Holidate is a Netflix Original movie that was released on Oct. 28, 2020, starring Australian actor Luke Bracey and American actor and singer Emma Roberts. These two are completely fed up with being single, especially Roberts, who plays Sloan. Her family never fails to bring up the fact that she is the only single person left in the family. As for Bracey, who plays Jackson, he is tired of the crazy, awkward first dates that never go anywhere. The two young actors start off as acquaintances that only see each other on holidays as their plus one so that there is no pressure of bringing an actual significant other home. But of course as all romantic comedies go, they end up falling hard for each other and having true feelings for one another that they can’t hide any longer.

The funny thing about this movie is that there is not a single perfect character. Each character has their obvious personality flaws and shows that love is neither easy nor unicorns and rainbows. Plus, nothing about the movie was out of this world, or extravagant, or something that the average person couldn’t do. There were numerous dull moments and embarrassing scenes, because they are human, too. That’s what was captured so well in this film; it was so realistic and not cheesy how most holiday romance movies are. Don’t get me wrong, you could usually guess what was going to happen next, but it wasn’t the lovey-dovey, corny movie I was expecting.

I would rate this movie a five out of five stars, and might even watch it again closer to Christmas Day. It’s refreshing to see a movie about how dating and life really works instead of how movies usually falsely portray what falling in love is like. Between sticking up for each other with their exes or going far out of their comfort zone to confess their true feelings to each other, Holidate is a movie you must see. This movie could be enjoyed with a group of friends, a close friend and family because of not only the young romance, but the dull comedy as well.