JV Girls Volleyball Scores Victory Over Lowell

Tanja Jurek and lakecentralnews

On Monday, September 17, the girls of the JV volleyball team earned two victories against Lowell. The intensity was evident on all of their faces; it showed how much they all wanted to win these two games.

Nerves are not an issue for these girls and how they play in their games.

“I know what my job is, and then i do it. Intensity and excitement help me get over any nerves,” Alyssa Born (10) said.

The first set played on Monday was a little rough.

“We just weren’t playing together like we normally do,” Born(10) said.

However, the girls still came out strong with a score of 25-22 for the first game.

In the second game of the night, the girls tried their best to come together and pulled in yet another win, 25-14.

The girls liked competing against the Lowell team, and thought they were pretty easy to compete with.

“We have really strong hitters that dominated over their defense,” Born said.

The girls believe they are having a great season so far, and if they keep this up they will continue to have victories.