Freshman Boys’ First Home Win Against Chesterton

Emily Neyens, Print staff

  On Thursday, Dec. 23, both the A and B Freshman boys basketball teams won against Chesterton. The A team won with a score of 32-16, while the B team won with a score of 28-20.

   “I think we played well, but progressed as the game went on. Both wins were definitely a turning point for the teams’ confidence,” Kyle Klapkowski (9) said. 

   According to Tyler Graciano (9), both teams worked hard on the court to secure their wins. Winning their first home game has been a huge confidence boost for the teams and has set the tone for the remainder of the season, according to Klapkowski (9).

   “We all put a lot of hard work in and played our best game yet. We did really good on getting the ball up the court and defending our basket most of the time,” Graciano (9) said.

   Like many others, Michael Szatkowski (9) sets goals for himself in order to better himself and the team. Setting and achieving goals can be a possible factor in improving a team and its players.

   “I don’t know if I want to continue playing next season, but for this following year I hope to make myself and the team better as a whole,” Szatkowski said. 

    According to Collin Cirks (9), the boys have become one big family and the bonds that they’ve formed have definitely played a role in Thursday’s game. Having known one another for a long time has strengthened the chemistry between the players.

   “The team’s chemistry is amazing this year, we’ve all been playing together since we were in 6th grade, so we all know each other and know how to play with each other,” Cirks said.