“Julie and the Phantoms” review

Kelly Hayes, Photo editor

  “Julie and the Phantoms” aired on Netflix on Sept. 10, 2020. The show is about a teenage girl who recently lost her mother trying to find her love of music again. Julie Molina and her mother were both singer-songwriters and loved to play together, but after her mothers death, Julie couldn’t bring herself to sing again.

   In 1995, a band named Sunset Curve was about to get their big break when three of the members Alex, Reggie and Luke died suddenly. Julie found a copy of their CD and played it, bringing the boys back to reality. After hearing Julie sing, the boys decided to help her get back into music. They go with her to a school pep rally where Julie does a surprise performance of her original song “Bright.” The boys played background music, but when they started to play along with Julie they suddenly became visible. 

   The students were in awe of this, so soon they were asked to play more school functions. Julie’s best friend Flynn decides to name their little band Julie and the Phantoms. The band goes on to play many more shows, all the while trying to escape the grips of another ghost who wants to take away their ability to be seen by humans.

  While the show does give off a Disney teen show feel, it covers many deep topics. You see the boys face being able to visit their parents and loved ones, as well as dealing with the loss of a parent. Luke had a falling out with his parents before he died; they show his struggles of never being able to set things right in a song that is sure to make anyone cry. While it might take one or two episodes to completely get into the show, I would recommend to anyone looking for an easy to follow show.