Is the Ps5 All The Rage?


Sony’s new PlayStation 5 was released on Nov. 12 of this year and has quickly grown in popularity. The console has a lot to offer, including a unique and asymmetrical modern shape.

Yadira Jimenez, Print staff

   Sony recently released a brand new console, the PlayStation 5, which has gained a lot of popularity and attention lately. Some believe that it is not worth all the rage, while others can’t wait to have it.

   The device sells for around $499, and once it was released to the public, long lines grew outside of stores including GameStop and Best Buy, some even waited outside overnight. The PS5 also sold out in a matter of seconds once it was available for sale on the Walmart website. Since the console is very hard to get a hold of, a lot of those who managed to get their hands on more than one are re-selling them for multiple times the original cost.

   The high price leads us to wonder, is the PS5 really worth it? The console has been working for the most part, but there have also been lots of reports with issues including breaking, shutting down, and not lasting very long. These problems can be considered deal breakers for anyone still on the fence on whether they purchase one or not. There is also the possibility to just wait it out until these issues are fixed.

   In a survey out of 52 students, 1 student has stated to have already purchased the PlayStation 5, while the other 51 have not. However, 27 of those who haven’t purchased, stated that they do not plan on it, and 5 of them are still planning on buying it.

   Some students want the new PS5 in order to interact with others more. Braden Whitney (10) explained, “I have an Xbox and my friends all have PlayStations, so I want the PS5 so I can play with them.” 

   Dominic Bonk (10), who plans on waiting a little bit before purchasing stated that it is “too early now, but it’ll be in my bag soon.”

   Overall, but a decent amount of people interested in gaming are still planning on purchasing the new PS5. Although, there are a few bumps in the road, which is causing others to wait and see if the problems resolve.