More than just a team


Kylie Biehler, Print staff

   The JV football team faced against The Michigan City Wolves on Sept. 26. The boys ended up winning the game 36-6. To the boys, they are not just a team, but have now become one big family. 


   ¨The bond we have as a team is amazing. Everyone gets along. If one person messes up we don’t just throw that one person under the bus, we take mistakes as a team,¨ Amri Hawkins (11) said.


   The boys have a bond that is strong and uplifting. They will always be able to count on each other to have their backs. This bond is much more than a friendship.


   ¨We are like a big family I feel like I can count on those guys for anything, the bond is closer than friends because those are the guys that you go to war with day in and out and those are the guys you are depending on to get a win every week,¨ Max Welty  (10) said. 


   Although the boys have a close bond, It is almost the end of the season, and they have set some personal goals to help them in the next season.


   ¨My plans for next season is to grind and work in the offseason so when the season eventually comes we will be ready for every team we play. Hopefully we could do better and have a good record,¨ Hawkins said.


   Not only do they wish to work harder for the next season, the current season has taught them important lessons.


   ¨My plans for next season are to get bigger, stronger and faster to give my team the best opportunity to win. It has taught me to push through when times are tough,¨ Ben Kutka (10) said.


   In order to improve for the next season some of the boys believe there are some things they can improve on as a team.


   ¨I feel like we need to get more turnovers on defense and put our offense in a good position to score and we can do that by going for the ball more when we tackle,¨ Kutka said.


   And while some believe they can improve together as a team, others believe there are things they can improve on as individuals also.


   ¨I can improve on tackling low and flipping my hips better,” Welty said.


   Some of the boys also believe they can improve on more than just the way they play. They also can improve on how they read the body language of the other players.


   ¨I think I need to improve my open field tackling by breaking down more and reading the ball carrier’s hips,¨ Kutka said.