Getting Into The Christmas Spirit


It’s almost time for the best season of the year and now we get to see how people celebrate.

Rachel Phillips, Print staff

Many people like to go through the holiday season with their friends and family and follow their Christmas traditions. 

The results said 431 people have a special tradition they follow and 109 people don’t. The results all seemed to be the same. Angel Sweeting (10) said, “Brunch at my grandparents house on Christmas Eve.” Many others said the same. There were some answers that were different like, “Making a rice krispy treat train every year,” and “Every Christmas me and my family gather together and watch Christmas with the Kranks and sometimes we will bake brownies or cookies too” Mia Geenen (10).

Many people have different traditions that bring them so much joy, “All of my family goes downtown and we go shopping and out to eat” Francesca Deluca (9). 

Holidays bring families together and it is definitely the most wonderful time of the year with all of the treats, movies, and Christmas lights bringing you joy all of the time.