Taking on the Slicers

Maddie Porter, Print staff

On Friday Jan. 8, the Freshman boys basketball team took on La Porte at Lake Central. The boys won with a final score of 52-17. 

“I think we played great as a team and everyone contributed well. Overall, defense wins games,” Cam Thompson (9) said. 

Even with the pandemic, the boys are still able to play the sport they love, and they have an even record so far. 

“So right now we are 4-4, and we’re hoping to get another win tomorrow. It’s all about what we do outside of practice and games differently. Of course we still take precautions at practice, like wearing a mask, but most of it comes from where you are and who you’re with off the court,” Grant Richardson (10) said. 

Coach Fry and Assistant Coach Strbjak have faced many challenges this year and had to change how things normally go.

“Overall, the season has been pretty good. We have had some ups and downs, but recently, we have been playing well, so I expect us to finish the season strong. We have been pretty lucky that we haven’t had any cancellations or postponements, so hopefully that continues,” Coach Fry said. 

The team has been able to have fun moments on and off the court with one another. According to the players, they are all very close friends and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

“I’m looking forward to expanding my chemistry with my teammates and winning even more games with them together,” Richardson said.