Holiday Depression

Depression is different for everyone, but for a lot of people it can get worse around the holidays. Check on your loved ones. (Photo from

Trista Thompson, Print Staff

    Although glamorized by social media, depression is a very serious mental illness that many teenagers and adults have to deal with. The rate of depression, “a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest,” among teenagers is increasing rapidly, and for some it gets worse around the holidays. 

    There are all sorts of reasons as to why depression tends to get worse around the holidays. Some of the reasons include: bad memories from past holidays, being overwhelmed with shopping and financial issues, being around groups of large people or even not being able to be around people (especially with COVID this year). Some people’s depression has a seasonal pattern, which is another reason for depression around the holidays. 

   People can feel very overwhelmed with shopping for others and making sure they get presents for everyone. Not only is shopping a concern, but so is financial issues. Feeling as though they might not be able to get everyone gifts due to not having enough money causes many people to stress and feel overwhelmed with this season. Being extremely overwhelmed/stressed can cause peoples’ depression to worsen.

   According to, depression causes most to want to isolate themselves and be alone. With the holidays, families spend the days together, having big dinners and gatherings, which can cause people with depression to feel like they need to be outgoing and overexert their energy. This also causes depression to worsen because, even without going out and being social, depression takes a lot of energy. This tends to make it worsen around these times.  Although for others, the cause of the depression around the holidays is due to not being able to be with family and friends. If school, work, etc. causes someone to not be able to be with their loved ones on the holidays, this can cause depression rates to increase, especially this year.

   With COVID-19, many families are unable to see their loved ones around the seasons because of social distancing. This year depression rates have increased dramatically because of the quarantining, but this month it will most likely get worse. COVID-19 is getting worse recently, so many places are shutting down again, stopping people from seeing their family. 

   While depression gets worse around the holidays, reach out for help if needed. Don’t keep everything to yourself. Tell a friend or family member or even a hotline if necessary. Get the help you need and deserve.