Kicking off the New Year


Rachel Narjes, Print Staff

   New Year’s is normally spent out gathering and partying.  However, due to COVID-19, most people decided the best thing to do was stay home and play it safe.  From staying in, preventing contact and even limiting gatherings to family-only, this New Year’s will call for new measures of safety and may even begin new traditions.  Everyone plans on spending the holiday a different way.  Emilio Ramirez (11) plans to spend this New Year’s with someone he’s close to. 

   “I’m hanging out with my friend; I usually spend it with my dad,” Ramirez said. 

   Ramirez isn’t the only one who plans on spending the holiday with someone he’s close to.  Some decide to spend the holiday with their significant other.

   “I’m going to be hanging out with my girlfriend,” David Vasquez (11) said.  

   However, not everybody is spending the holiday with a friend.  Some people are choosing to celebrate it with family.

   “For New Year’s Eve, I’m staying home and celebrating the new year with my family,” Kendall Narjes (10) said.  

   Some people reflected on what they did in previous years.  

   “Usually I would spend it with my family in Chicago.  I’m extremely sad, because although I should be happy for a new year, I’m gonna spend it remembering people I lost or missing people I haven’t seen in months,” Vasquez said.  

   Kendall remembers the time she used to have with friends and family.  

   “Normally, we would have a big party with our neighbors and family,” Narjes said.  

   Maggie Grudzien (11)  would spend the day with family.  

   “Normally, every year I go to my aunt’s house and we have a lot of our family over and and celebrate, but because of COVID, we’re not doing that this year,” Grudzien said.

   This year inflicts many different feelings among people.

   “I’m not upset because I spent it with friends last year,” Ramirez said.  

   Ramirez isn’t upset because he was able to spend the holiday with those he cares about last New Year’s.  However, some are still choosing to spend the day with their friends this year.

   “I’m still happy that I get to spend it with one of my friends,” Grudzien said.  

   Grudzien is happy to try something new by spending the holiday with a friend.  Although traditions may have been altered this year, it was the best thing to do in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19   “It makes me sad that we can’t all be together for New Year’s, but staying home is the right thing to do for now,” Narjes said.