She’s A Catch


Amanda Aardema (11) poses for the camera with her teammates from her travel ball team, The Beverly Bandits. She had been a part of the team for around four years now.

Kylie Biehler, Print Staff

Q: Do you prefer playing softball for the school’s team or for travel teams?

A: “I honestly love both, but if I had to choose, it would be travel ball.”


Q: what made you want to join softball in the first place?

A: “I signed up when I was about 6 for rec ball, but then it just kept getting serious. Next thing I knew I was on a travel team.”


Q: How long have you been playing? 

A: “I have been playing since 1st grade, so around 11 years. “


Q:  When did you start playing for the school?

A: “I started playing for the school my freshman year.”


Q: What team did you make when you tried out for the school’s team?

A: “I made the Varsity team my freshman year,”


Q: Do you plan on playing in college?

A: “Yes, I plan on playing in college, and I am receiving scholarship offers. “


Q: Do you plan on making softball a career after college?

A: “There is a professional softball league, but that is something I would rather not do.”


Q: If you can play any other sport, what would you play and why?

A: “I would love to do gymnastics like I did as a kid, I just liked softball better.”   


Q: Have you ever been seriously injured because of softball? If so, what was it?

A: “The only injury I’ve received from softball is a sprained ankle, but it healed after 2 weeks.”


Q: What is the name of your travel team?

A: “It’s called The Beverly Bandits.”


Q: How long have you played with them?

A: “I’ve been playing with the team for four years.”