Wonder Woman 1984 Review


Wonder Woman uses her lasso of truth. Gal Gadot trained extensively for this role.

Lilah Nelson, Print Staff

 Wonder Woman 1984 made its debut in theaters and on HBO Max on Dec. 25, 2020. A sequel to the revolutionary first movie, WW84 stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. The Cold War is just heating up and Diana Prince is still fighting crime and keeping a low profile as she curates ancient artifacts. Although it is very exciting to see Wonder Woman back in action, this movie is sadly disappointing.

   Even though this movie is about Wonder Woman, it is still told behind the male gaze. Chris Pine’s character Steve Trevor cheesily reappears, and from that moment on, it’s about him. Diana, of course, hasn’t been able to move on from her male lover after 40 years and everything she does is for him. Which would be fine if they gave her any other personality trait besides looking beautiful and fighting bad guys. I wanted to see Diana setting up her new life, what system helps her find criminals the easiest, how she works around life pretending to be human. They could have totally made her more relatable but she’s just not. This movie could have had so much flavor and excitement but it’s just another same old superhero movie with two straight people being annoying. 

   The fight scenes are also very cheesy and unbelievable, and the main bad guy is a bumbling idiot. Not to mention the plot line doesn’t make any sense half of the time. You forget its 1984 which is so sad because so many fans were looking forward to the nostalgia of the 80’s but that essence was barely captured. 

   Even though the cast is stacked with amazing actors it just didn’t hit its mark. Christan Wiig plays cheetah and for the most part she did a good job with what she was given but sadly even that plot line wasn’t believable. You’re supposed to pity her character and understand why she did the things that she did but it was more of a white person being whiney about not being liked…Boo Hoo. 

   I was expecting a lot more from this film, but sadly it just wasn’t it. If you want some mindless entertainment that at times is unintentionally funny I would recommend it.