The Hard Slam

Caleb Chen, Print Staff

    On Jan. 13, 2021, the boys Varsity wrestling team faced off against Merrillville High School. The boys won with a final score of 45-21. Each athlete was only allowed two guests in the audience stands, limiting the people due to COVID-19. With less supporters able to support the boys, athletes have to be more self-motivated. 

    “I think I went really well on my match. I felt like I put a lot of my personal emotional feelings towards that match. I was really happy with the outcome of my technical moves to have everything right. What motivates me to win is to be the best and the glory that will be bestowed upon me when I win,” Johnny Cortez (11) said

    Winning is important to Jake Sues (11) because of the fact of how hard everyone works on the team. He always tries his hardest to get a victory because he does not want to let anyone down. Improving and practice is something that Jake is constantly striving for. 

       “My match went well. I ended up with a pin in the second period so it had a good outcome for me. I think I can work on being better on top and getting a faster pin. I like to win for my teammates because they work hard to win their matches,” Sues said