Great start, disappointing ending

Reagan Sideris, Print Staff

   The JV boys basketball team lost to the Laporte Slicers on Friday, Jan. 8, at their home game. The final score of the game was 31-40.

   ¨We are currently 7-3 in our season so far. We are trying our best to keep the team motivated and in line with all of the guidelines we have to follow to be able to play,¨ Adam Trinkle (10) said.

   With this pandemic, it may make everything harder for the team. The boys have to take precautions like wearing masks and staying six feet apart from each other during practices and games. Basketball is a very hands-on, close contact sport to play, which makes the game a lot harder with the guidelines they have to follow to be able to play against each other and other schools.

   ¨We have adapted to COVID by taking it one practice at a time knowing it could be our last, following social distancing guidelines on benches and games. Practices have been fun with the guys and still feels normal even with the circumstances we are in,” Ethan Coil (10) said.

   Many of the boys on the team have been playing for years, and they have had to adjust to the way they all play basketball to the new virus guidelines that they have to follow. They are following all of the guidelines needed to be able to play a safe game of basketball.

   ¨Guidelines we have to follow on the team are answering COVID related questions at the beginning of every practice and game to ensure everyone’s safety on the team. When off the court, we have to make sure we are all spread apart from one another,¨ Coil said.

   The team plays their next home game again on Friday, Jan. 15 against Portage High School.